The HOUR Race employs a very simple concept and therefor very few rules are required. For the sake of safety and fairness though, the small set of rules below will apply:

1) As a participant, you must start a new lap every single hour. You cannot skip a lap at any time if you wish to remain in the race.

2) You have to be at the start line, ready to start the new lap, exactly on every hour. 

3) If you are late for a lap start, your race is over

4) If you fail to complete a lap in the allowed hour, your race is over

5) You are not allowed to enter or exit the lap route at any other point than the demarcated neutral zone in the race village. 

6) You have to finish a lap before you can sleep, eat, rest, etc for the remainder of that hour. 

7) You are allowed to have a support crew in the race village but not on the route.

8) You are responsible for your own hydration, food and nutrition for the full duration of your event. 

This event should be considered a personal challenge. Test your limits and endurance to see how long you can keep going... for how many hourly starts you can convince yourself to toe the start line. This is your race, this is your challenge, this is your hour. 

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